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Programmatic involves the buying and selling of advertising spaces within websites, applications, and public spaces, among others, in an automated way. This allows connecting a brand with its target audience, at the right time and with the appropriate message.

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They are displayed on any type of device and website while the user browses. It is suitable for quickly showcasing features or functionalities of products.

Rich Media

Generates interaction and recall. It seeks to position a brand and product in the user's mind through a myriad of creative and interactive possibilities.


Pieces of audiovisual content meant for seeking mass appeal and coverage, creating brand recall and ensuring impact across the entire market.


It's an exceptional advertising opportunity for those brands looking to impact and interact with loyal and well-segmented audiences, in a non-intrusive yet effective environment.

Connected TV

Advertising that is transmitted to any device connected to an internet network capable of streaming video, allowing for innovation in user interaction.

Digital Out Of Home

Advertising that is transmitted to any device connected to an internet network capable of streaming video, allowing for innovation in user interaction.

We have a simple service,
with an effective process.

1. Planning

We develop custom campaigns based on the needs of each brand and the characteristics of its audience.

2. Execution

We implement the ideal plan and budget, creating exclusive formats to achieve the objectives.

3. Results

We measure and optimize the results in real time to maximize the return on investment.

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What is programmatic?

It is a digital media buying model where advertising spaces are acquired through technology based on algorithms, supply and demand. In this way, it is possible to reach a target audience profile while reducing costs and maximizing advertising efficiency.

What is the scope of programmatic?

It is possible to make an impact on all types of digital media, from news portals to public roads, including apps and mobile devices, internet-connected televisions, video platforms, and even some social networks.

How does programmatic differ from Google Ads?

While it is possible to reach a large part of the digital ecosystem in both, programmatic is based on open environments, where the possibilities for segmentation, the broader reach of inventory, and creative formats result in disruptive and memorable campaigns for the target audience.

Can all advertisers run programmatic?

Any type of advertiser can develop programmatic campaigns. There are no minimum investment requirements or impediments by sector. The global reach in terms of user numbers ensures the ability to achieve any campaign objective.

What do I need to run a programmatic campaign?

All you need is a budget, some creative assets, and the intention to reinvent the way you communicate with your target audience. We’ll take care of the rest.